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This is me...My name is Simon. I'm 29 years old now.

I was born on 24 April 1983 in a town in the South-West of Germany.
Now I live in a suburb of Kaiserslautern which is also in the South-West of Germany.
In 2002, I passed my university-entrance diploma (like A-Levels).
From 2004 until 2009, I studied electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern.
I grew up with music. My mother plays the guitar and the accordion and my father plays the trombone.
I started learning to play the piano at the age of 8. That was in 1991.
At the same time I got a ukulele as a present and started learning it by myself.
After 4 years of classical piano lessons I decided to continue playing the style I *wanted to* and no longer to play the things I *had to*! So I continued teaching myself a lot of theoretical background about harmonics and chords.
My mother always showed me how to play some chords on the guitar until I got interested in really playing the guitar.
So in 1995, I attended one year of classical guitar lessons at a local music school in Kaiserslautern. After that year, in November 1995, my guitar teacher died of cancer. After this tragical loss of my teacher I didn't want to have any lessons any longer and again decided to continue learning the guitar self-educated.
One day, my uncle gave me the Eric Clapton Unplugged tape to show me things you can "also play on a guitar"... From that day on my life changed. Strongheaded I tried to sound out the riffs of Clapton's songs and to play them on my guitar. Finally I bought the transcription book of the Unplugged.
After two years of hard studying I knew the concert inside out and was able to play almost (!!) every single note exactly like Clapton did... I sometimes played the guitar and the piano even 8 hours per day!!!
The following years - and this period is still running - I studied further improving my playing skills. I more and more came to play the blues on both instruments because I found a rich fount of energy and relaxation there. I always expressed my deepest feelings through my music.
I also specialized on sounding out film music and advertisement melodies from the tv and replaying them.
In the summer of 2004 I started to record my songs semi-professionally with the help of my pc. I used my Yamaha P-120 stage piano for the pianos, basses, strings and other voices and also used my Fender Strat American Standard and Yamaha CPX-8 to play my songs.
My first solo album - "4 Weeks At Home" - was released on 02 October in 2004.
Not long after that my second solo album - "Another Day" - was released on 21 February in 2005.
Both albums are stamped by a great variety of different music styles. But you can hear in almost every song my blues and rock roots (founded in Clapton, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and other rock and blues players).
I always say: If someone really intensely listens to my music he can hear all the different aspects and feelings of my life!

My email address: herrpi -at- googlemail -dot- com

My ICQ #: 436863978

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