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Roland RD-700SX device patch file (XML) for Steinberg Cubase

9/24/2010 | Comments: 4

I've been creating a device patch file of my Roland RD-700SX stage piano for the use in Steinberg Cubase for the last months! The most important patches - actually everything except for the "GM2" section is finished!

Looking around on the web, I could indeed find one or two such prepared files but none of them really was as I had expected it...

Go to the downloads page and have a look if you're interested in it.


Milan   10/31/2010

Thanx, heb de rd-700, srx-03 en srx-05 ook voor je. ben bezig een virtuele besturing te maken in cubase

Zdenek Hajek   11/29/2010

Thank you for making and sharing the 700 SX patch.

Latin Music   10/11/2012

I'm also using cubase with an Rd series keyboard. I've got a Rd 700 nx , will the 700 sx patch you made work ok for this? Can't seem to find one anywhere.

HP   9/23/2013

I have a nx-700. I can't even play the concert grand from cubase 5. It only plays the inferior GM piano. Roland benelux cannot give a solution, maybe you can!

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