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Pi Day of the century! (3/14/15, 9:26:53)


Yeah, tomorrow will be a very, very extraordinary day, especially for me as Pi lover. Every year on March 14 it's Pi Day ( But this year we've got the chance to experience THE Pi Day of the century as the year 2015 will give us the next digits of Pi, which will be made perfect by the time 09:26:53. In that second, we'll live through the first ten digits of Pi! Of course, one could argue whether second 54 wouldn't be a better one because of rounding...

So stand still for that infinitesimal small moment in time and celebrate the most perfect Pi Day of your whole life!!

Here's a small collection of links and resources I stumbled upon related to this special Pi Day.

Picture: I ate some Pie and I loved it...

3.14 mile Pi run for mathletes

Comparison of different methods to calculate Pi (Youtube-Video)

Article about the perfect Pi Day


Today is Pi Day and here's my Pi Day run, even a Quad-Pi run!

Pi Day run

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